Laser Dentistry

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry involves the use of tools that produce a focused beam of intense light energy to manipulate tissue and treat a specific area without damaging surrounding tissues. It is a versatile treatment option that can be used to remove tissue, activate whitening agents, cure bonding agents, reduce inflammation and much more! This has become one of the safest and most effective ways to treat several dental problems.

It requires a thorough understanding of the technology used and specific training to use laser treatments. At Wyndham Dental, our dental professionals are always up to date with extra training and the latest, most innovative treatments to offer you quality dental solutions. As such, our highly qualified dentists utilise laser dentistry to give you the best results for your treatments.

Dental care made easier, faster & better with laser dentistry!

Is laser dentistry good for teeth?

Laser dentistry offers a range of benefits over conventional dental tools for both your overall wellbeing and your teeth. These include:

  • Shorter treatment time
  • Faster recovery time
  • Minimal damage to surrounding tissue
  • Less bleeding
  • Reduced risk of bacterial infection
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Faster tissue regeneration
  • No need for anaesthesia
  • Allows for precise and targeted treatment
  • Improved gum health

What is laser dentistry used for?

Laser dentistry can be used for several cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to make the whole process easier. Here are some of the dental conditions that we can use laser treatment for:

Tooth Decay

Dental lasers can be more efficient than your conventional dental drill when it comes to removing tooth decay. They may even be used in severe cases of decay, where a root canal is needed to save your smile.

Gum Disease

Laser treatment can be used to remove any inflamed or infected gum tissue and plaque that lies beneath the gumlines. Manual maneuvers used to tackle gum disease may have a larger risk of affecting the surrounding tissue.

TMJ Disorder

TMJ Disorder is a painful condition that occurs when the jaw joints located at the back of your lower jaw are prevented from functioning normally. Dental lasers can be used to reduce this pain and any inflammation along the surrounding tissues.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Since dental lasers can be used to move gum tissue, this can also help when you have an impacted wisdom tooth that hasn’t properly erupted beyond the gumline

Gummy Smile

Unhappy with how your gums frame your smile? You can use laser treatment to reshape your gumline or remove any excess gum tissue.

Stained Teeth

Dental lasers can also activate whitening agents used in teeth whitening services, making the overall process much faster.


We can use dental lasers to remove a small portion of tissue for a biopsy.

What is the best laser for dentistry?

At Wyndham Dental, we have both soft tissue and hard tissue lasers. The best type of dental laser to use will depend on your individual case needs.

Soft tissue laser

These lasers are better equipped to penetrate soft tissue and seal nerve endings or blood vessels. With this treatment, you will feel minimal discomfort and it will also promote faster tissue healing. It’s often used for treatments involving gums, tongue and other soft oral tissues.

Hard tissue laser

These lasers can penetrate dense structure, which means they can be utilised for removing tooth structure or if you need to prep your tooth for treatment. It’s often used to treat hard tissues in your mouth, primarily teeth and bones.


Cost of Laser Dentistry in Werribee

The cost of getting laser dentistry in Werribee can vary depending on the type of laser used and the treatment needed. It’s essential to consult with one of our experienced dentists to get an accurate cost estimate upon assessment.

We also offer flexible payment plans to ensure that you get the health care you need without compromise.


Why choose Wyndham Dental?

At Wyndham Dental, your comfort is our priority, so if you are eligible for laser dental treatment, we will get you started on your healthier smile in no time. We’ve been Werribee’s trusted dentist for over 30+ years, helping our patients in Werribee & suburbs smile with utmost confidence. We can help you too! So schedule your appointment today!

If you are eligible for laser dentistry, you’ll have a more straightforward post-op experience. As this method causes less bleeding, less damage to surrounding tissue and no open wound that requires extra care and attention, you will simply be given clear cleaning instructions that you will have to strictly follow. This will help promote healing after your procedure and make the entire process much simpler for you!

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