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Quality Dental Care in Werribee

The Dental Clinic Werribee Trusts

Wyndham Dental is a locally owned and operated Practice that has been serving its patients with excellent dental care for over 30 years. With our caring team of dental professionals, you’ll receive top-notch diagnosis, prevention and treatment for all your dental needs.

As a family-oriented clinic, we enjoy helping people of all ages gain confidence in their smile and themselves! Your comfort is our priority, and our team constantly keeps up to date with the latest methods to give you the highest quality dental care. We’re also equipped to handle dental emergencies and weekend appointments so get in touch for immediate pain relief and speedy solutions.

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Together we help you improve your smile


At Wyndham Dental, we provide the residents of Werribee with a range of high quality dental treatments and solutions including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry and much more. Be it a full smile makeover or a general checkup, our practice offers a wide range of advanced techniques and services for everyone.


Access to quality dental treatment has never been easier. At Wyndham Dental, we offer flexible payment plans to help you and your family achieve optimal oral health and smile with confidence with the best dental care.


    High-Quality Dentistry

    From High-Quality Dentists

    Our dentists are highly experienced with decades of practice under their belts, ensuring that our patients receive a high standard of dental care.

    As part of our professional and caring dental team, Dr. Cavalcante and his wife and fellow dentist, Dr. Silvia Cavalcante are constantly furthering their skills and implementing the latest techniques to give you the best smile possible.


    Prevention is always better than cure so we recommend visiting the dentist at least once every 6 months in order to catch any problems and dental conditions in their earliest stages. This will also ensure you face less discomfort and bear minimal costs for your dental treatments. With general dentistry services provided through your regular checkups, we can help protect your smile from conditions like gum disease, tooth decay, abscesses etc.

    In between your dental visits with us, however, maintaining a good oral hygiene routine at home is also quite important. Make sure to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day, preferably towards night time to avoid bacteria from sitting on your teeth all night. Make sure you also minimize foods high in sugar or carbs as these increase your likelihood of tooth decay.

    It’s completely normal for your teeth to discolour over time, as the outermost layer of your tooth is a porous substance that tends to absorb the colour of daily things you consume. We offer safe and efficient teeth whitening services in Werribee at Wyndham Dental, amongst other cosmetic dentistry services to improve your smile. After assessing your smile for sensitivity, decay and staining, we will apply a whitening agent that will whiten your smile in just one appointment. In-office whitening is designed to give you longer-lasting results that will help you maintain that bright smile for longer!

    We have various long-term dental solutions at Wyndham Dental to help you restore the missing teeth in your smile. These include dentures, dental implants, implant-supported dentures and all-on-four implants, all reliably designed to help you smile with confidence. Once you come in for your consultation, we’ll assess your smile to see which solution suits you best and come up an individualized treatment plan.

    Why exactly should you replace missing teeth? These missing gaps reduce the functionality in your mouth and also cause displaced pressure across your smile. This means that the adjacent teeth will gradually tip into the empty positions, leading to an overall imbalance in your bite. Gradually, your jawbone will also begin to deteriorate in the affected area as there is no longer a tooth stimulating it.

    Apart from teeth whitening and missing teeth solutions, there are plenty of other dental problems that we help treat at Wyndham Dental. These include:

    Our dental solutions are tailored around the above and much more. If you need some help with improving your smile or your oral health, schedule an appointment with one of our dental professionals at Wyndham Dental.

    Give you and your loved ones the best chance at a healthy smile by using our payment plans to cover your dental needs. Apart from flexible plans like Afterpay, we also have schemes such as the Child Dental Benefits Schedule and Veterans Bulk Billing. If you need more help assessing your eligibility for these plans, give our friendly dental staff a quick call.

    If you feel anxious about visiting the dentist, please do know that you aren’t alone. We understand that this can be an apprehensive process for some but your comfort is our utmost priority. So simply let us know if you feel some dental anxiety, and our gentle dental professionals will take it from there to make sure you feel as welcomed as possible! We also offer sedation dentistry to help you get through any dental treatments.