Dental Scale and Clean Treatment

What Does a Scale and Clean Involve?

A scale and clean, also known as a professional clean, is carried out by our dentists at Wyndham Dental to remove any plaque or hardened tartar No matter how good your oral hygiene routine is, plaque and tartar build-up are inevitable because you can miss out on bacteria that lurk in the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. Left untreated, bacteria can cause stained teeth, tooth decay and gum disease. That’s why it’s recommended that you visit your dentist every six months and get a professional cleaning as needed.

Come in for a scale and clean to keep your mouth healthy!

Why Is a Scale and Clean Really Necessary?

You might need a scale and clean if:

  • It has been 6 months since your last dental checkup
  • You want to take preventative measures to care for your teeth
  • You have surface stains on your teeth
  • You’re suffering from inflammation along your gums
  • You have jaw joint (TMJ) pain
  • You have plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth


What Happens during a Scale and Clean?

The entire process is quite simple. Our Werribee dentists will begin your scale and clean using an electric scaler to crack the toughest calculus which is plaque that has built up over time, so it has hardened and cannot be removed by your toothbrush. Using the electric scaler and a jet spray of water, we will soften this calculus and clean away any debris lodged between your teeth.

Next, we will use a manual cleaner to remove the plaque in more hard-to-reach positions between your teeth. The last step would be to scrub and polish your teeth in order to protect them from future decay. You can leave our clinic with a cleaner, whiter smile after your scale and clean is complete.


How Long Does Teeth Cleaning Take in Werribee?

A scale and clean typically takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete. If you have significant plaque and tartar build-up, it may take longer for our dentists to complete the procedure.


The Importance of Regular Checkups

Regular checkups are a great way to stay proactive when it comes to your oral health. Our checkups aren’t just about a professional scale and clean, they’re tailored to each individual to meet your case needs. During your checkup, we take the time to discuss your oral health and dental goals to understand how we can help you leave our clinic with a healthier smile. We will also do a thorough examination, which will help us identify any budding dental issues in their earliest stages and devise a treatment plan accordingly. In addition, we will also screen for oral cancer during these checkups, evaluating any concerning changes in tissue noticed between appointments.

Other benefits of regular checkups and a professional scale and clean include:

  • better gum health
  • removes surface stains
  • protects your overall health
  • preventive care prevents the need for costly treatment


How Much Does a Dental Checkup & Clean Cost?

The cost of teeth cleaning in Werribee depends on certain factors, such as the oral exams and x-rays required and the severity of build-up on your teeth. We will be able to provide a more accurate cost when you visit our dentist for a consultation.

Why Choose Wyndham Dental?

We at Wyndham Dental are proud to be your trusted family dentist in Werribee. Our team of caring dental professionals has been helping people of all ages get happier, healthier smiles for over 30 years. We believe in keeping up to date with the latest methods and technology in order to give you top-notch diagnoses and prevent and treatment for all your dental needs.

While a scale and clean may seem like a small step, it is certainly one of the most important parts of your regular checkups and oral hygiene routine. Call our friendly team today to schedule your next professional scale and clean. In doing so, you’ll be taking an important step towards maintaining your oral health and a healthy smile for years to come.

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