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Quality Dental Care for Children in Werribee

Positive dental experiences can shape your child’s attitude towards oral health and pave the way for a beautiful smile. It’s important that your child feels comfortable with going to the dentist which is why we recommend starting preventative paediatric dental treatment at least by the time they turn two.

In addition, many dental problems can be spotted and treated early on including decay, plaque buildup, crowded teeth and erosion. Our friendly paediatric dentists in Werribee will make these appointments a positive, experience for both the child and parents.


Give your child a happier, healthier future with quality dental care

Most Popular Kids Dental Treatments In Werribee

Children are prone to experience various dental issues but we have a range of effective solutions to treat these concerns. Here are some of the most common dental procedures we offer in Werribee, tailored specifically for children:

Fissure Sealants for Children

When their first adult teeth emerge, it is a good idea to have it protected with Fissure Sealants (FS). It’s a good prevention method for children with a high risk of developing caries ‐ for example, a child with a diet high in sugar. They may also be good candidates for FS if their new adult teeth have deep fissures and grooves on their surface where food and bacteria can accumulate. These sealants are applied to the tooth’s grooves and fissures, preventing bacteria from penetrating and causing damage to the tooth surface.

The straightforward application process is a great way to introduce your child to the dental clinic environment. In this visit, our skilled dentists will meticulously clean and dry your child’s tooth, and then prepare its surface for the sealant application. The sealant is carefully applied to flow into the tooth’s grooves and then hardened with a special light. Throughout the visit, our caring nurses and dentists are committed to ensuring your child’s comfort and ease.

Paediatric Orthodontics in Werribee

Early orthodontic treatment can make a world of difference in your child’s oral health and well-being. We provide gentle, effective orthodontic care to help your child achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

If your child has a poorly aligned bite, crowding of teeth or a delay in the emergence of a tooth, call us to schedule a consultation. In many cases, orthodontic treatment can be avoided or shortened width early diagnosis and intervention. If orthodontics treatment is necessary, we can only determine the best solution for your child after an evaluation.


Mouthguards for Children

We love hearing about our little patients’ accomplishments in their footy or soccer matches. While kids need to stay active, there is also a risk of injury. In such cases, mouthguards are a MUST to protect the teeth of our star athletes. We provide custom-fitted mouthguards in an array of colours that offer significantly increased protection when compared to store-bought, generic mouthguards. We have a range of colours that you can pick from for your customised mouthguard!

If you are an adult involved in contact sports, visit our clinic and speak to our friendly team to get your very own customised mouthguard.


Happy Gas for Kids with Dental Anxiety

If your child seems nervous or anxious about their dental visit, or has to go through a big procedure such as a tooth extraction, do not worry! We have Nitrous Oxide (happy gas or laughing gas) to ensure your child is comfortable and relaxed during their treatment. It is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen inhaled through a mask.

While on occasion, children can feel slightly nauseous during its use it’s typically very safe and tolerated very well. The gas wears off quickly after the treatment, so children can resume their daily activities without any lingering effects.

Cost of Kids Dentistry in Werribee

The cost of paediatric dentistry depends on the number of teeth that need treatment, the severity of the condition, and the type of treatment required. As a result, it may be impossible for our dentists to give you an accurate cost breakdown, without assessing your child’s mouth and oral health.

When you come in for a consultation, we will examine your child’s mouth and provide an accurate cost breakdown to help you make a well-informed decision.

We provide flexible payment options to ensure your child receives quality dental care from the start. If you want to learn more about our payment plans, call our friendly team today.


Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) In Werribee

The Commonwealth Child Dental Benefits Schedule provides assistance for the basic dental care needs of eligible children aged 2 to 17. Each eligible child has a $1,000 limit and a range of treatments available with CDBS such as professional cleaning, check‐ups, fissure sealants, x‐rays, fillings, extractions and root canal treatment.

If you are not sure whether your child is eligible for this program, you can call Medicare`s General Enquiries line on 13 20 11 ‐ you will need to have your Medicare card with you or simply bring it along to your appointment and we can check it for you.


Werribee’s Trusted Paediatric Dentists

At Wyndham Dental, we have a team of dental professionals who understand the importance of positive dental experiences for children which is why we are committed to ensuring your child receives the best care and attention. With a welcoming team and environment, we aim to make your child’s dental appointments pain-free and comfortable.

If you are looking for a trusted paediatric dentist? look no further than Wyndham Dental. We will protect and maintain your child’s smile through positive dental experiences, ensuring happy and healthy smiles as they grow up.

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