All-On-4 Implants

What are All-On-4 Implants?

What if you could have a brand new smile in just over a few months? All-On-4 Implants are an ideal solution for patients with multiple missing or damaged teeth.

Unlike removable dental appliances like dentures, All-On-4 Implants allow you to restore your teeth with permanent and fixed dental prostheses which are fixed to your upper/lower jar resting on four dental implants that mimic the root of your tooth.

All-On-4 Dental Implants are designed to look, feel and function just like your natural tooth making it a great way to restore your smile while boosting your confidence.


all-on-four implants

Smile with confidence and transform your smile!

Can I Get All-On-4 Implants?

The ideal candidates for All-on-4 treatment have multiple severely damaged/decayed teeth or missing teeth in need of replacement. While dental implants often need bone-grafting surgery to have enough bone density to support the treatment, the bone grafting procedure can most likely be skipped with All-On-4 Implants. This method is also an option for patients who have health conditions preventing them from getting implants. For candidates who only need a single or few teeth replaced, we recommend alternatives such as implants, dentures or a dental bridge.


The All-On-4 Process of Restoring Your Smile

  1. During your initial consultation, our experienced dentists assess your eligibility for All-On-4 implants with a thorough assessment of your oral health and then create a customised treatment plan.
  2. Four titanium implants will be placed into your jawbone and we will take impressions of your teeth to create a provisional bridge which will stay in place for 4-6 months until your dental implants heal.
  3. Once your implants have fully healed, your custom-made set of prosthetic teeth made with premium materials will be placed on your implants.
  4. Enjoy your new smile!


What are the Advantages of All-On-4 Implants?

There are several advantages to choosing All-On-4 implants that directly impact your oral health and indirectly some other areas of your life too!

  1. Prevents bone loss– One of the most dangerous side-effects of missing teeth is bone loss and degradation which can lead to further tooth loss, misalignment, facial pain and difficulty maintaining dental restorations. All-On-4 gives stronger dental support and inserts much-needed pressure on the jawbone to prevent this.
  2. Reduced recovery time– Compared to other treatments that can take up to a year, All-On-4 has a significantly shorter treatment and recovery time since its implants can be secured to the existing jawbone, which takes away the need for a bone graft. Treatment takes a matter of days to complete.
  3. Easier maintenance– Caring for All-On-4 teeth is far easier than dentures. This treatment simply requires regular brushing and flossing, alongside 6-month checkups at our practice to ensure your new teeth last as long as possible!
  4. Permanent– This is a permanent, fixed solution that doesn’t require multiple adjustments and fitting sessions at the practice, making it a more convenient treatment for our patients.

What is The Difference Between Implants, Dentures & All-On-4?

Choosing individual dental implants to replace an entire set of teeth will involve many months of healing before dentures or crowns can be fitted in. All-On-4 implants require fewer implants so recovery time is drastically reduced.

Dentures are removable dental products that require regular maintenance and proper cleaning, as well as re-fitting every few years. With All-On-4 treatment, patients get a permanent solution that is fixed in place and is quite similar to taking care of their natural teeth.


The cost of All-On-4 treatment will vary depending on the material used and how many teeth need replacing but on average they can cost from $19,000 to $27,000 per arch. This cost is inclusive of consultation fee, x-rays & imaging, pre-surgery procedures and surgery. Get an accurate estimate for your All-On-4 Implants by booking a consultation with one of our friendly dentists in Werribee. Call us today!

One of the perks of this treatment is that it simply requires following a regular oral hygiene routine for optimal maintenance. Flossing and brushing often is the best after-care tip we recommend. We advise sticking to soft foods in the days following the procedure.

This treatment can last for decades, making it a worthwhile long-term investment. The exact durability will depend on your age, your oral health and the quality of your implants.

Absolutely! All-on-4 Implants provide strong support for chewing allowing you to eat all your favourite meals. We recommend sticking to a soft food diet right after getting your implants to allow the implants to integrate with your bone effectively. As the healing progresses you can gradually transition to your regular diet.

The choice between All-On-4 and All-On-6 depends on various factors and individual needs such as the number of missing teeth, bone density, and treatment goals. It is best to consult with one of our experienced dentists to determine the most suitable option for your unique condition.

The recovery period after getting All-On-4 generally takes a few weeks but it is important to remember that this can differ from individual to individual. We’ll be able to guide you through your All-On-4 procedure and recovery period once you come in for your treatment plan!

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