What to Expect During a Scale and Clean


When you come in for your Scale and Clean at Wyndham Dental, there’s a lot more that goes on than just the polishing of your teeth! A Scale and Clean is a vital part of your oral hygiene since it helps identify oral diseases in their earliest stages- when they’re more affordable and far easier to treat! Aside from the removal of tartar buildup, here’s what else you can expect at your appointment:

 Measurement of Gum levels

Your gum levels play an important role in helping your teeth stay stable. Receding gums can lead to increased tooth sensitivity, which can be quite painful. During your appointment we’ll be able to assess if you have healthy gums.

Oral Cancer Screening

It’s difficult to detect oral cancer on your own until it’s reached a much more advanced stage. This disease is deadly, which is why we offer screening to identify any change in your tissues so early intervention is possible.

TMJ Evaluation

A TMJ Disorder doesn’t just affect your teeth. The discomfort can radiate all the way to your head, neck and back, while creating soreness whenever you move your face. A visit to our clinic will help evaluate your TMJ function.

Noting of Early Warning Signs

A dental problem can often be your body’s way of telling you there’s an underlying problem at play. A disease like cancer or even a vitamin deficiency can give way to dental symptoms. So, if our dentist notices any changes in your oral tissues that are indicative of this, you’ll have identified a problem far earlier than it would have become apparent to you.

In order to keep your smile healthy as possible, we recommend scheduling a scale and clean at least every 6 months. Call Wyndham Dental for your appointment!