4 Dental Issues That Are Signs of Sleep Apnoea


Wondering if you have sleep apnoea? There are several signs of this condition that you can’t quite miss- and some of them affect your oral health too! Here are some dental symptoms you’ll notice if you have sleep apnoea.

Flattened teeth

When you run your tongue along your teeth, do you find that they are sharp, rough around the edges and worn down? This is one of the most common signs of a sleeping disorder! This happens because your sleeping disorder deprives you of oxygen when asleep. Your bodily reaction to this is to clench your jaws tight. Over time this flattens and wears down your teeth.

Marks along your cheek

This symptom is shared amongst people who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) as well. If you find raised, white lines along the inside of your cheeks, these are the imprints and bite marks that occur when your jaws clench tight together.

Damaged dental work

If you recently had some dental work but notice your fillings or crowns are starting to break down, this could be due to the wear and tear you’re putting it through at night. Your dental work is meant to be durable but it’s not designed to withstand the constant clenching of your jaws that occurs when you fall asleep.

Joint pain/ TMJ Problems

Are you feeling any facial tension or pain when you open and close your mouth? Usually this pin points towards TMJ disorder. But, in this instance, if you’re also noticing the above symptoms, it’s highly likely that your joint pain is being caused by the strain placed on your jaws during sleep.

Do any of these symptoms feel familiar? Our dentists at Wyndham Dental can determine if you’re suffering from sleep apnoea and help you come up with the best treatment for your dental symptoms.