4 Steps to Follow When You Break A Tooth


Breaking a tooth can happen to the best of us. We’re always ready to handle dental emergencies at Wyndham Dental but there are some ways you can prepare yourself too! Here are some steps you can follow:

Stop the bleeding

Your mouth can bleed quite heavily once it sustains an injury. Your first priority is to make sure you can control the bleeding. Use a clean washcloth to apply pressure to the area. This will encourage a clot to form and stop the bleeding. If this doesn’t work, call our dentist immediately for more measures and make your way to the practice immediately.

Find the tooth

If you have control of the bleeding, look around for the tooth fragment that broke off. We understand that this may not always be possible or successful but it would be ideal to locate this. Depending on the size of your fracture, we may be able to bond the tooth back in place. If you locate the tooth, make sure to put it in saline solution or milk to keep it moist.

Use a cool compress

Cold is a great way to reduce swelling and pain. We recommend applying a cold compress against the side of your face. You can also take an anti-inflammatory to help ease any discomfort.

Call your dentist

Call your dentist at Wyndham Dental ASAP. The sooner you come in to see us, there may be a better chance of bonding the fragment back in place. We cannot stress the importance of acting fast and coming in to us as soon as possible.  

If you ever find yourself facing a dental emergency of any kind, simply call Wyndham Dental so our expert dentists can take a look!