Best Treatment Options for Cracked Teeth


Suspect you may have a cracked tooth or wonder what measures we take at Wyndham Dental to treat them? Diagnosing a cracked tooth and identifying a treatment plan often depends on two main factors: the severity and location of the crack. Here are some of the best treatment options we have available at Wyndham Dental for cracked teeth:


Surface cracks usually don’t cause any structural damage to your teeth but they may be noticeable in the mirror, especially once they pick up any stains. These small cracks and chips in your enamel can easily be bonded or filled over.

Dental Crowns

More moderate cracks can’t just be covered up with a filling. These need a dental crown placed on top to protect the tooth underneath. The crown will prevent daily wear and tear from chewing & biting and stops the crack from getting worse.

Root Canal Treatment

A deep crack that extends into the tooth, allowing bacteria to enter the nerve chamber, can eventually lead to a painful abscess. Instead of covering the tooth with a filling or crown that will inevitably seal the infection in and allow the crack to worsen, root canal treatment must be performed.


Severe cracks that have split a tooth in two can cause severe pain every time you chew. The only solution is to have the entire tooth removed in order to prevent any additional trauma to the surrounding tissues and bone.

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