Caring for Your New Crown


Now that your new “cap” is in place over your tooth, you want to make sure that your investment lasts as long as possible. As with any other type of dental restoration, your crown will need regular maintenance and care to ensure that it stays in place for several years.

Here are several important tips to help you get started:

  1. Floss Around Your Crown Daily

Your crown is designed to tightly hug itself around the tooth that’s underneath. The margins (edges) of your cap will need to be cleaned thoroughly each day. Otherwise bacteria will want to cling to these areas and can start to eat away at the tooth — leading to a cavity under the crown (and the crown falling off as a side effect.) Don’t worry; your crown is made to withstand flossing, so you won’t need to be concerned about the floss pulling it off of your tooth.


  1. Don’t Chew Especially Sticky Foods with Your Tooth

This is important during the first several days of having your crown placed, when the bonding agent is softest, but is also recommended in general. Sticky foods such as taffy or caramel may pull a newly seated crown straight off of the tooth.


  1. If Something Feels “Off” Let Us Know

Your crown will need to fit perfectly in line with your adjacent and opposing teeth. Any atypical biting relationships can gradually lead to problems such as headaches or tooth wear. A quick adjustment may be all that’s needed.


  1. See Your Wyndham Dentist Regularly

During your regular exams, we’ll evaluate your crowns and other dental work to ensure that they look healthy and are functioning as they should. If intervention is needed, we can do so before an emergency pops up.

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