Cosmetic Teeth Straightening: Everything You Need to Know


Ever looked for an option that allowed you to straighten your teeth in the shortest possible time? Cosmetic alignment options might be something you want to consider! The more comprehensive procedures that take up to years usually involve addressing your entire bite. Cosmetic teeth straightening, on the other hand, is strictly limited to your front teeth- the ones most noticeable when you talk and smile. Hence, this is a treatment more dedicated to aesthetic purposes.

Faster Results!

It’s usually required to keep your braces on for at least 24 months or more to see results. There are far fewer teeth adjusted in a cosmetic procedure, however. This means the entire process will take only up to around 4 to 9 months to see results! With far less time taken, you can see that picture-perfect smile before the year is up!

No metal braces!

You can say goodbye to metal braces with this procedure! In some cases, you might not even need brackets and wires. You can opt for aligners and mouthpieces (much like retainers). Each of these options are far more subtle in appearance and have their own perks- during your initial appointment, we’ll lay out the possible choices for you!

As an adult, your biggest fear is probably having to wear an orthodontic appliance that messes with your professional appearance! With these options, you no longer have to worry about this. Consultation will help you decide which appliance is best suited for your lifestyle.

We definitely recommend this option to anyone who doesn’t suffer from a majorly misaligned bite caused by your TMJ or back teeth, and have relatively good oral health!  Simply schedule a consultation at Wyndham Dental and we’ll help you decide which type of teeth straightening are best suited for you.