Do I Really Need a Crown?


A crown is a cap or a cover, made from a variety of very strong materials.  It goes over a tooth to protect it. These are custom fit and shaded to match the colour of your other natural teeth. Metal crowns also exist, the most popular being gold or stainless steel.

Our Wyndham dentist will determine which type of material is best to use in your case. If you have a preference on the appearance of your crown (tooth colored or metal), be sure you express this us during your exam, and we will work with you to ensure you are happy with the end results. After the restoration is made by our technicians, your crown is affixed to the tooth using a cement which is very strong and will hold it in place for many years.

Who Really Needs a Crown?  

Was it recommended to you that you have a crown and you are asking yourself if you really need it? The professionals at Wyndham Dental in Wyndham would love to offer you honest advice or a second opinion.

As a rule of thumb, a tooth that has more than 50% filling material, breakage, or decay is considered weak.  A weak tooth can break upon biting or chewing. If a tooth fractures to the point where it is even with the gum, the tooth can no longer be restored and will need to be extracted. Therefore, to avoid this and to prolong the life of your tooth, a crown is recommended.

Another reason a tooth would require a crown is due to it having previous endodontic treatment such as root canal therapy. A root canal refers to the removal of the nerve tissue from inside the roots of the tooth. Doing this causes a tooth to become brittle and may break easily when used to chew hard foods.  Therefore, a crown is placed to protect the tooth from breaking.

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