Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?


When would you need root canal therapy? Usually when the root of your tooth is infected.
This is a situation that cannot go ignored since it definitely doesn’t go away on its own! Professional treatment is a MUST so here are the symptoms you need to know about:

A toothache

The most common symptom of any oral-hygiene related issue is a toothache. A toothache can start off as a subtle ache but if left ignored, it can become an intense, throbbing pain that even over-the-counter medicine can’t fix!

Sensitivity to temperature

Do you experience any discomfort when your teeth come into contact with something cold? This usually means you’re suffering from an abscess or extra sensitivity due to gum recession. If your teeth are sensitive to contact with something hot, this is a definite sign of an infection.

Pain when chewing

If your tooth hurts when chewing food, you could either be dealing with an abscess once again or a fractured tooth. It’s best to let our experts take a look and determine if root canal therapy is needed to rectify the situation!


Notice that your tooth is discolored? This is an indication of a damaged nerve. It usually comes about due to trauma to the tooth and can only be fixed by removing the damaged nerve tissue.

A bump on the gum

The scientific term for this innocent bump is a “fistula”. It helps drain out the infection from your tooth, which usually means your infection will be slightly less painful. However, if you want to get the infection entirely removed, you can’t rely on this little bump alone- a visit to a professional will be necessary!

Notice any of the above? Give us a call at (03) 9741 1009 and we’ll determine if root canal therapy is the treatment your smile needs!