Easy Ways to Lower Your Cavity Risk


Do you seem to get a new cavity every year or so? Do you refer to yourself as someone with “bad teeth” (or just bad luck?)

Fortunately, tooth decay is a preventable infection and there are easy steps you can take to prevent it from recurring or spreading between your dental checkups.

In addition to scheduling regular checkups and cleanings with our Wyndham dentists, here are some effective tips to try on your own:


Drink More Water

Water is a natural cleanser. When you sip on it throughout the day, it helps lift away bacteria and food debris. Since liquids coat all surfaces of your teeth, water is safe for your smile (since there aren’t any artificial sweeteners or natural sugars.) Using fluoridated tap water is even better!


Chew Gum with Xylitol

Xylitol is a type of sweetener that — on a molecular level — makes it hard for plaque to build up on your teeth. Using it on a regular basis can significantly decrease bio-film levels inside your mouth. Although it doesn’t replace the need for brushing and flossing, Xylitol is almost just as effective when it comes to keeping cavity-causing germs at bay.


Snack on Cheese

Studies show that sharp cheddar cheese neutralizes the pH levels inside of your mouth, stabilizing acids that are responsible for causing tooth decay.


Don’t Skip the Fluoride

Fluoride is a natural mineral that’s found in foods, water sources, oral hygiene products, and even as an adjunctive application in our Wyndham dentist office.

Using fluoride on a routine basis can help you keep your enamel strong and resistant to cavities for longer periods of time.

Learn more about fluoride rinses, gels, varnishes and more when you visit Wyndham Dental. We have over 30 years of experience serving Wyndham families!