Getting your first filling!


With the advancement of dental care and preventative techniques, risk of tooth decay has drastically reduced! But, unfortunately, this is still quite a common dental issue in Australian households. Cavities can still occur from time to time so if you’ve found out you have tooth decay for the first time and need to consider a filling, here’s what you need to know!

Filling Material

The type of your dental filling is important, and this usually depends on the location and severity of your cavity. Fillings are usually made out of tooth-colored composite material but if you have a large cavity, our expert dentist may recommend a stronger material, made out of ceramic.  Both materials come in various shades, allowing us to choose which suits your smile best.

Numbing the tooth

A small amount of local anesthetic can be used to numb the nerves around your tooth to ensure this entire procedure is painless! To put your mind at ease, a numbing jelly is used before the anesthetic is injected.

Clean away decay

Next, the removal of decay will take place. A small tool called a dental bur will be used to clean away any tooth decay in the area, as well as the enamel surrounding it to ensure there is no spread of the cavity.

Filling placement

After the decay has been completely cleaned away, the filling material is then shaped into your tooth to replace it. It is molded to take on the natural shape and surface of your tooth. When cured into place, you’ll be able to use your tooth as normal. It’ll only take a few hours for the numbing to wear off!


A filling can last for several years with good oral hygiene habits. Essentially your after-care doesn’t involve many extra steps except for the need for regular brushing, flossing and checkups. We also recommend management of possible teeth grinding habits, as this can significantly wear down dental work.

Suspect you have a cavity? Call Wyndham Dental today for a consultation! Our friendly and expert dental staff will walk you through your first filling and ensure you have access to the best dental care available.