How Quickly Can Braces Straighten My Teeth?

If you’re thinking about getting teeth straightening in Wyndham — for yourself, your child, or your teen — you probably want to know how long the process takes to complete.

When it comes to teeth straightening, the length of the orthodontic process depends on several factors, such as:

  • Age of the patient
  • The type of braces being used
  • How misaligned the teeth are
  • Positioning of the jaws

To get the quickest answer on how long you need to wear braces, you’ll want to briefly visit with our Wyndham dentists for a consultation and exam. From there, we’ll evaluate each of the above factors and use our experience to determine approximately how long it will take braces to straighten your teeth.

Depending on your case, teeth straightening can be completed in as quickly as six months or take as long as a couple of years. Short (fast) braces for aesthetic purposes can focus on your front teeth, allowing them to straighten your smile more quickly than a comprehensive case. But they’re not right for everyone. A traditional orthodontic case may average anywhere from 12-18 months to complete with traditional braces or clear aligners.

In some cases, clear aligners (invisible orthodontic trays) can straighten teeth quicker than regular metal braces. However, it depends on your smile.

When you choose Wyndham Dental for your orthodontic treatment, we’ll be able to provide you with convenient teeth straightening right here in our office, instead of referring you offsite to another provider. You’ll enjoy attentive care with a team you already know and trust, and who already has a relationship with your family!

Contact our Wyndham family dentists today to find out which type of teeth straightening you qualify for and how quickly your orthodontic treatment can be completed. Financing plans are available.