Invisalign vs. Braces: The Best Choice for Adults

braces and Invisalign

A straight smile isn’t just a beautiful accessory that can help you feel more confident. It’s also crucial to ensuring that you have the healthiest teeth, gums, and TMJ for years to come. That’s why so many adults choose to invest in orthodontic treatment later on in life.

If you’re at the point of deciding which type of braces are right for you, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Should I get braces or Invisalign?

The answer, almost always, is “it depends.”

Here are some different reasons why you may need to choose one over the other.


Conventional Braces

Traditional orthodontics are predictable and work in situations involving mild to severe tooth misalignment. If you have significant tooth movement that needs to take place, then conventional braces are probably the best option.

While most traditional braces are made out of hypoallergenic metals, there are options available that allow patients to choose tooth coloured ceramic brackets for a more subtle appearance.


 Invisalign Trays

Removable Invisalign aligners are discreet and easy to care for. Most of our adult patients prefer them because of the translucent design. While nearly invisible, Invisalign also has less of an impact on your everyday life. Our patients can eat all of their favourite foods and easily brush and floss without having to work around their braces.


Selecting the Best Treatment

Of course, the dentists at Wyndham Dental will help you make the final decision about your orthodontic therapy, in order to get the most out of your treatment. We offer in-house Invisalign and braces for adults (and teens) who qualify.

During your evaluation, we’ll provide you with an estimated timeframe as to how long either braces or Invisalign will take to straighten your teeth. It may be quicker for one than it is the other.

Schedule your consultation today to find out which one is right for you!