Low Cost Cosmetic Dentistry


A smile makeover can seem like quite the investment.  Patients with a tighter budget don’t have to feel discouraged.  Wyndham Dental offers several cosmetic dentistry options that are affordable and easily fit into both your short and long-term goals.


If your teeth are slightly crooked and discoloured, you could benefit from cosmetic bonding.  This is a composite type material that’s available in a variety of shades. Our Wyndham dentist will bond it to the front of teeth with minor irregularities, expertly sculpting the material to give you a more uniform smile.

Bonding will need to be replaced more often than veneers (and it can stain easily.) So be sure to avoid drinking things like red wine and dark coffee.


If your smile is relatively straight and just needs to be brightened up a bit, then bleaching may just do the trick. This can be done in different ways – like with whitening kits available over the counter.  Or for a more effective results, our Wyndham practice offers both in-office and professional strength at-home treatments.

Whitening will need to be touched up every few months and can cause slight sensitivity at times.


For permanently straighter teeth that don’t come with the cost of veneers, you could consider orthodontics with Invisalign.  These are a series of clear plastic aligners that slowly straighten your teeth. The combination of this treatment and whitening could be the complete smile makeover that you’re in search of.

If going this route, you’ll need to make sure that once you’re done with the Invisalign process, you use some form of retention method to ensure your teeth don’t stain and become crooked again.

We Can Help Find the Right Cosmetic Dentistry Option for You

When you visit our Wyndham office we’ll discuss your goals and determine which option is best for you, based on your budget.  Get the smile you deserve.  Give us a call today.