Maintain Your Dental Implants Post-Surgery With These Steps


Dental implants are one of the most popular tooth replacement methods used across the world. A lifelong investment that is highly durable, this treatment allows you to go years and years without even having to consider replacing your prosthetic teeth. But that’s provided you take the right steps when it comes to maintenance and aftercare post-surgery. If you want your recovery to go smoothly and your new restorations to last, here’s what you need to do:

Practice oral hygiene

You need to keep your mouth free of any lingering bacteria in order to avoid your surgical site getting infected. Here’s a handy tip to practice for oral hygiene: try gently swishing saline water around in your mouth. Saline water is commonly used to treat wounds in the medical industry so it will definitely help your efforts to keep the site clean. Avoid aggressively swishing the water in your mouth, however, as this could aggravate your newly placed dental implants.

Avoid spicy foods/hot beverages

As with any dental treatment, we recommend staying away from spicy foods and hot beverages during your healing period. This is because you will experience increased sensitivity during this time, especially around your healing tissues, and be more vulnerable to gum irritation if you consume any hot foods/beverages. Opt for cold water whenever possible instead. You should also add more soft-boiled foods (that require less chewing) to your diet until your jaws return to their normal functioning.

Watch out for bodily reactions

It’s normal to experience some bodily reactions to dental treatment. For example, you can expect slight swelling and tenderness around the site after your dental implants are placed. You can place an ice compress against the affected area to help with this. If you experience any other symptoms that are different from what your dentist has outlined, however, we recommend scheduling a checkup ASAP.

Avoid brushing aggressively

While brushing regularly is important for your oral health, we recommend avoiding brushing near the surgical site itself in the first few days following your procedure. Make sure to use a soft-bristled brush and brush gently to avoid irritating your gums.

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