Overcoming dental anxiety with sedation dentistry


We understand that a trip to the dentist can be tough for some of our patients. Sedation dentistry can be a way around this. The use of sedation has become quite common for many procedures. Here’s why you might consider it on your next visit:

Anxiety relief

Plenty of patients suffer from dental phobia, but this shouldn’t be the reason why your oral health declines! At Wyndham Dental, we do our best to walk our patients through every process. Certain sounds, smells, or even equipment may trigger severe anxiety and the best way to ensure procedures go smoothly is sedation.

Pain relief

Many patients hold the misconception that dental procedures are painful, which isn’t necessarily true. However, where severe dental issues are concerned, sedation dentistry is an available option to minimize discomfort.

Reduces claustrophobia

Claustrophobia isn’t unusual at a dental practice. Some dental procedures include the use of tools that might make a person with claustrophobia feel a little discomfort. One such being a dental dam, which is a rubber sheet, placed over the mouth in order to help isolate an individual tooth. Sedation will help reduce this claustrophobic feeling.

Helps pass time

Some treatments are lengthier than others (like root canal, for example). If you find it hard to sit one place for long durations of time, sedation dentistry will help the time pass by faster!

If you’re worried about your trip to the dentist, rest assured we take every measure to make your dental visit at Wyndham Dental a comfortable one! Our friendly experts have tackled all sort of dental issues, so you’re definitely in the safest hands possible! If you’re interested in sedation dentistry, simply call us and we’ll walk you through the procedure!