Prep Your Child for a Dental Appointment!


Is it your child’s first visit to the dentist? Or perhaps it’s not but they’ve had a bad experience in the past? It’s not unusual for our patients- specially the kids- to be anxious or scared of visits to the dentist. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips for all you parents wondering how to lessen the anxiety for your children. Here’s what you can do:

Play ‘dentist’

Children will naturally fear what they know little about. You can help them get comfortable with the thought of a dentist by role-playing as a practitioner with your child. You can start off by brushing their teeth and making it a fun, comfortable session filled with comforting actions like hugs. You can get them to play the role of a dentist too.

Positive words

People often use intimidating words such as ‘injections’ or ‘drills’ that automatically paint the clinic in a negative light in a child’s head. Even words such as ‘hurt’ or ‘pain’ that slip out in normal conversations about a visit to the clinic can imprint themselves on your child’s mind. Make it a conscious effort to only use positive words when talking of the clinic. If there is any procedure to be carried out that might scare your child, we will gladly explain it to them- we have years of experience doing this!


If there is any procedure that involves discomfort, you can always talk to us about methods to ease their anxiety. We offer light sedatives that will help your child feel more at ease and avoid any discomfort they may feel.

Fun Consultations

If this option is possible, we definitely recommend it! If it is your child’s first time visiting the dentist, schedule a more relaxed consultation with us that allows your child to explore the workings of the clinic. For example, they can sit on your lap when having to sit on the dental chair, they can get used to the feel of the air puff on their fingers or hold the dental mirror. The idea is for them to not be scared of their surroundings.

We recommend getting your child used to the dentist by having them visit at a young age and being diligent with the follow up appointments every 6 months. This way you can take a more preventative approach that focuses on maintaining healthy teeth and avoids the need for painful procedures.
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