Should You Whiten Before Cosmetic Treatments?


Considering cosmetic dentistry to smoothen out your smile? There are many procedures such as veneers, bonding or fillings that are quite popular. However, we recommend considering whitening your teeth first, and here’s why:

Dental work can’t whiten

If you have dental restorations done (fillings, crowns or veneers), these materials will be custom made according to the color of your natural teeth. Made up of ceramic materials, these restorations won’t respond to the bleaching solution. Superficial stains that accumulate on your dental work can be removed but the foundational color will always remain the same. Hence, if you decide to whiten your teeth after, your restorations will have to be changed too.

Serves as a base to compare

In order to have your dental work mirror your natural teeth, we will match the material to your teeth. Hence, if you choose to whiten before your restoration, we will be able to create the material based on your brighter, whiter smile. As the weeks go by, when your teeth accumulate minor stains from your coffee or tea, all you have to do is touch up on your whitening treatment. And you’ll know when it’s time to do this because you’ll notice a color difference between your enamel and dental work.

Whitening may be all you need

Whitening your teeth is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to give yourself a simple but effective smile makeover. By combining this treatment with an orthodontic appliance, this may be all you need to perfect your smile. We recommend trying these methods first before opting for cosmetic procedures.

Want to get your teeth whitened? Find out if your teeth are healthy enough for this treatment by scheduling an appointment with Wyndham Dental today!