Spotting the Warning Signs of Oral Cancer


Oral cancer is a deadly disease that most patients overlook until it has reached advanced stages. This disease can affect anyone, regardless of age, lifestyle and health. Certain risk factors have been known to be associated with oral cancer, such as alcohol & tobacco use, exposure to sun, HPV etc. The best way to combat this is through early diagnosis and intervention. Believe it or not, you can get oral cancer screening at your routine dental examination at Wyndham Dental. Here are some signs that indicate you should have an examination carried out:

Sores that won’t heal

Keep an eye on sores that don’t seem to fully heal with time. This even applies to sores that are found outside your mouth (for example, on your lips and cheeks). Any sore that takes longer than 10-14 days to heal should be examined at your next dental appointment. If necessary, a biopsy will also be recommended.

Red or atypical tissue coloration

The tissues of your mouth are typically coral pink in colour. If you notice any difference in colour (be it red or white) or any atypical patterns compared to the rest of your mouth, seek help immediately as this could be a cancerous or precancerous growth.

Lumps & bumps

The most common signs of a chronic infection or deadly disease are inflamed lymph nodes and fixed nodules. These bumps, or even sunken-in areas where tissues have been destroyed, are possibly an indication of cancerous growths in that area.

Catching this disease may very well just save your life. In early stages, this means far less invasive and less costly treatments. Schedule your annual oral cancer screening today with Wyndham Dental.