The Process of Planning Your New Dental Veneers


You’ve decided to treat yourself to a smile makeover, and dental veneers in Wyndham offer all of the features you’re looking for: whiter teeth, a straighter smile, and fast results. But getting veneers takes a little extra planning compared to just getting a filling or two.

When you visit Wyndham Dental to begin the dental veneers process, our experienced team will walk you through several steps of your smile makeover, such as:

How Many Veneers You Need

When you smile in a photograph, how many teeth are visible? Most of our patients start with six veneers, but some people get as many as ten or more.


The Shape of Your New Veneers

Teeth come in a variety of shapes and sizes; so do dental veneers. Do you prefer one over another? Ask us to see photos of similar cases we’ve completed.


Colour and Shade Selection

There are dozens of colour options to choose from when determining the specific shade of your new smile. We’ll help you identify one that compliments your individual appearance.


Considerations to Existing Dental Work

Since dental veneers are a cosmetic treatment, they do not protect larger areas of decay or structural damage. Any existing fillings or crowns will need to be taken into consideration.


Making Sure Your Teeth are Healthy

We don’t want to place cosmetic restorations on teeth that aren’t healthy or stable. A short exam will determine if your smile is free of active tooth decay and gum disease.



Your treatment can be tailored to fit your unique budget, allowing you to make affordable monthly payments on elective services not covered under health benefits.

At Wyndham Dental, our dentists have helped patients enjoy healthier, whiter, straighter smiles for over 30 years. Contact our practice today to learn more about customized smile makeover plans!