Types of Toothaches and How to Treat Them


Not all toothaches are created equal. Some may be less harmful, while others require immediate attention of our Wyndham emergency dentist. Here are some of the most common types of dental pain that we see in our practice and what you should do for each.

Sharp Pain — Not all cavities hurt, but if you’re experiencing sudden pain out of the blue or when you’re eating, it could be due to tooth decay. See our Wyndham dentist early, before the cavity has a chance to spread and become more problematic (especially if there’s an abscess.)

Pain When You Bite Down — A cracked tooth or gum disease can cause discomfort while you’re chewing. One involves the root structure while the other is due to a soft tissue infection around the tooth. Ask your dentist to take an x-ray to see where the pain is coming from.

Throbbing — Did you know that some types of toothaches are due to sinus pressure? Let your dentist know if you’ve had allergies or sinus congestion to rule out other possible factors.

Dull Aches — Gum infections or injury around the teeth can cause the ligaments around them to become sore. However, some types of decay cause less-painful types of toothaches than the sharp pain listed above.

Sensitivity to Temperature Changes — Cold sensitivity is fairly normal, but sensitivity to hot is not. If a hot food or drink causes a toothache, you need to ask your dentist about possible nerve damage and whether a root canal may be needed.

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If you’re not sure about your tooth and if it needs immediate attention, the best thing to do is to call Wyndham Dental and set up an exam as soon as possible. We can talk you through your situation over the phone and determine if immediate assistance is necessary, or whether it can likely wait a few more days. New patients are always welcome — call today!