What is Gum Recession?


Gum Recession is actually a very common dental condition. It can get progressively worse and escalate into a severe issue if it isn’t addressed, however. It can also make you rather self conscious of your smile and leave you with increased sensitivity.

What Causes Gum Recession?

There could be various factors at play when it comes to your receding gums. It can boil down to your genetic makeup and anatomy or be a habitual problem like brushing your teeth too hard, which is a more easily fixable situation. Other habitual factors include tobacco use and grinding/clenching your teeth and possible dental conditions that can lead to gum recession are bite issues and gum disease!

When you have receding gums, you also suffer from sensitivity since this leaves your roots exposed to external elements instead of protected from them. If you schedule a checkup at Wyndham Dental, we can help identify what exactly is causing your receding gums and how best to fix it.

Our Treatment Options

We have a few different treatment options to offer you depending on the severity of your condition.

  • Desensitizers- In order to deal with the sensitivity an exposed root brings about we have several products that can be placed on the root of your tooth in order to desensitize it.  We can make use of a fluoride varnish, which is used as a temporary solution for discomfort or a bonding agent can also be used as a protective layer.
  • Composite restorations- Composite materials can be used as a substitute for the area of gum recession.
  • Surgery- For more severe cases, we offer the option of surgery where healthy gum tissue is grafted on the receding area to correct the issue.

Struggling with receding gums? Allow our expert dentist to offer you a solution to rectify the problem, give us a call today!