When Should You Touch Up Your Whitening?


If you whitened your teeth earlier this year, you want your smile to stay bright through the months (and holidays) to come. Knowing what to do to maintain your white smile can help you keep teeth looking brighter for well into the future.

Touch ups usually only consist of wearing your whitening tray an hour a day for a few days in a row (not the two weeks like the first time you whitened.)

Here are some important times our Wyndham dentists recommend touching up your teeth.


After Every Checkup

 During your scale and clean, we’ll polish away any surface stains that have built up since your last visit. Your enamel will be freshly cleaned and respond better to whitening agents than it would at other times throughout the year.


If You’re Updating Dental Work 

Are you getting a new crown or filling on a front tooth? The ceramic or composite won’t whiten when you apply a bleaching agent, so it’s better to match the restoration to your surrounding smile. Touching up your whitening can give your adjacent teeth a boost in colour, so that our Wyndham dentists can select the best shade of porcelain or filling material.


If you Drink a Lot of Coffee/Tea/Soda/Red Wine

Certain types of stains affect your teeth more than others. If you tend to drink a lot of dark liquids, your enamel will absorb the stain and make your teeth look darker in less time. You will probably want to touch up for a few days every 3-4 months, instead of waiting every six months for after your scale and clean.


Give Your Smile a Boost

Stop by Wyndham Dental to pick up a refill tube of professional strength whitening gel at any time. New to whitening? Schedule your initial treatment today!