When to Wear a Mouthguard


When it comes to protecting your smile, there are a variety of different mouthguards available on the market. The design, size, and shape of each one depends on what the guard is meant for. Not all are created equally.

At Wyndham Dental, we might recommend one of the following mouthguards based on your unique smile and lifestyle:

Snore Guard — People with sleeping disorders, obstructive sleep apnea, or snoring can get a special mouthguard made that improves their breathing. You may see improvement within the first night! These mouthguards move your jaw in a slightly forward position.


Sports Guard — Adults, teens, and kids who are active in sport are at a higher risk of broken, chipped, and knocked out teeth. A sports mouthguard can reduce the severity of dental emergencies and busted lips, not to mention concussions!


Bite Splint — Smaller mouthguards can be made to wear in the daytime, for people with bruxism (chronic clenching, grinding, and headaches.) The splint may only cover your front teeth, but it’s all you need to naturally relax your TMJ and facial muscles to prevent tooth wear.


Nightguard — People who suffer from grinding/clenching at night time may need a heavier duty, thick mouthguard. The appliance fits over your upper or lower arch, providing a buffer between your teeth. It reduces joint pain, headaches, and tooth wear. But if you’re starting to wear through your night guard, let our Wyndham dentist know it’s time for a replacement.

Getting a Mouthguard is Easy

To create a custom mouthguard, all our Wyndham dentists need is an impression of your teeth. The fitted appliance will work better (and be more comfortable) than a one-size prosthesis that you can buy over the counter in a store.

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