Why Fluoride Treatment is Great for Your Oral Health


Ever heard of fluoride treatment after your routine scale and clean at the dentist?  This treatment isn’t just for kids! Fluoride treatment is a great option for patients of all ages, and here’s why!

Reduces tooth sensitivity

Have you noticed increased tooth sensitivity to new things as of late? This could be anything from a change in temperature, to your morning coffee, toothpaste or post-whitening treatment. Tooth sensitivity, while not immediate cause for alarm, is an indication of how well your teeth react to stimuli and can also be an early sign of receding gums. Applying fluoride helps act as a desensitizing treatment lasting up to 3 to 4 months so you’ll experience minimal discomfort between dental visits.

Remineralize at-risk areas

Intercepting decay at its earliest stages allows you to prevent a physical hole from developing your tooth.  In its earliest stage, a cavity begins as demineralized surfaces, which can appear as white or chalky in comparison to the surrounding enamel. When you come in for your scale and clean, our dentist will check for demineralized areas. Fluoride treatment will prevent it from worsening by remineralizing at-risk areas.

Lowers cavity risk

While a simple step in your usual scale and clean, this treatment strengthens your enamel and helps reduce your risk of decay. Cavities aren’t completely avoidable, but we recommend fluoride treatment every 6 months as an effective solution. This treatment has been proven particularly beneficial for people prone to regularly experiencing cavities or with a few older fillings in place.

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