Why Healthy Dental Patients Need Regular Checkups


You’ve always had great teeth, haven’t had a cavity in years, and between two kids, a dog, and your favourite hobby, are busier than ever.

When it comes time to schedule your next dental appointment, you think to yourself, “It’s ok to skip this one. I don’t usually have any dental problems.”

Before you realize it, it’s been three years since your last checkup. While it may not seem like a big deal to see a dentist every six months, it’s just as important for our Wyndham patients with healthy teeth as it is for people with chronic dental problems.

Here’s why:


Prevention is Key

The goal of six-month appointments is to prevent common dental problems through maintenance, education, monitoring, and other preventative resources such as fissure sealants and fluoride, to lower your risk of decay and gum disease.


Minor Problems are Reversible

Gingivitis and tooth demineralization can lead to gum disease and cavities if not intercepted early enough. When our Wyndham dentist sees you on a routine basis, it’s easier for us to identify and intervene while specific dental problems can be completely reversed.


You’ll Spend Less Money

Dental problems are more affordable to correct when they’re addressed in their earlier stages. A small cavity costs less to fill than getting a crown, etc.

Even if you’ve always had a healthy smile, tooth decay can creep in without you realizing there’s an issue until it’s severe. At Wyndham Dental we recommend that all of our patients with healthy teeth schedule a checkup and exam at least every six months (more frequently if you’ve had a history of dental problems.)


It’s often when we stop being proactive about our oral health that we begin to experience challenges with it. Contact our Wyndham practice today to schedule your next appointment.