Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your 6 Month Checkup


Ever been told you need to schedule a dental checkup at least twice a year? Some of you may have wondered if a 6 month checkup is really necessary for people with healthy smiles. While it may not seem essential at the time, there’s far more to it than you realize! Here’s why you shouldn’t miss that 6 month checkup:

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is one of the world’s most common cancers! Most people aren’t even aware of their condition until it’s progressed to an advanced stage with severe symptoms. At Wyndham Dental, we diligently scan for any signs of change in your oral tissues between appointments. An early diagnosis of this disease could potentially save a life!

Early intervention of Gum Disease

Gum disease in severe stages can lead to permanent bone loss and tooth mobility. With regular checkups we can spot gum disease in its early stages when it’s easily reversible. If you skip your regular checkups, this means more buildup of plaque and tartar under the gums, which will increase your risk of gum disease.

Reverse Tooth Demineralization

Demineralization significantly weakens your teeth and is the first stage of tooth decay. By recognizing the early signs of tooth demineralization, we can use fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth and remineralize the surface before a cavity even develops. If you skip your checkups, these areas of demineralization will gradually expand until you need  a bigger solution.

Avoid noticeable Tartar buildup

Even with regular brushing and flossing, tartar is not completely removed without a professional cleaning. With time, this buildup can cause chronic bad breath that can’t be covered up! Your regular cleaning at Wyndham Dental will keep this in check.

Call Wyndham Dental today to schedule your next appointment! We conduct a thorough checkup that will leave you with the best oral health.